Child Obesity

Child Obesity in America

Child obesity in America is a huge problem with no end in sight. Pre-teens and teenagers up to age 18 are seriously heavy and, if they don’t change, they will very likely be facing serious health problems later in life. It’s a fact. Obesity leads to a long list of potentially devastating health concerns, including high blood pressure … diabetes … heart disease … stroke … gall bladder disease … cataract problems and much, much more.

Now, these problems are unlikely to occur in very young people. In other words, children under ten years of age and teenagers up to 18 years of age will probably not have to worry about heart disease or diabetes now, but if they continue along the same unhealthy path, it is almost certain to plague them later in life.

Amazingly, recently-established statistics show that an almost unbelievable 16% to 33% of all children – infants to teenagers up to age 18 – are obese. Think about that … up to one-third of the non-adult population of America may be obese. That’s staggering if it is true.

Child ObesityHow and why has child obesity in America become such a problem? There are lots of reasons. The most common reasons all have to do with lifestyle. Far too many kids don’t exercise or play sports … they park themselves in front of their TVs or on their computers to play video games or watch shows geared to their likes. That makes them “kid couch potatoes.”

Additionally, many, many kids have poor eating habits, a problem not helped by parents too willing to bring in fast food for dinner. And, because so many kids stay home instead of going outside to play, they tend to eat more than they should … and much more frequently than is healthy.

There are other reasons for child obesity in America that don’t involve a sedentary lifestyle or poor eating habits. In many homes, if there is one obese parent, it is very likely that there will be an obese child. If both parents are slim or normal-sized, the child will be slim, as well. But, obesity has a family tree.

Want more reasons? Family history plays a role in child obesity in America. In other words, if your ancestors were heavy, there is a good chance you will suffer the same fate. Illness for any diseases or sickness (not just obesity) that requires strong medications may result in the development of obesity.

Low self-esteem, chronic lethargy, unhappiness with oneself, family strife, broken homes or one-parent homes – all of these issues are factors in the problem that is child obesity in America.. So … the question needs to be asked: is there an easy solution – or any solution – to child obesity in America?

The answer to that question is: yes … no … maybe. In truth, there is an answer, but there is no easy solution. Individual families with one or two parents need to help youngsters develop good dietary habits and good lifestyle habits, too. It’s not easy … it takes lots of work and effort … but it is a solution.

And the effort to helping children and all adults slim down has to start now.

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