Obesity Surgery

Obesity Surgery … a Safe, Sure Way to Lose Weight

Obesity in America is a very serious problem, affecting a huge percentage of the adult and child population. In fact, recent studies show that as many as 66% of all adult Americans are obese … as many as 16% to 33% of all children (infant to age 18) are also obese.

Even worse, about 5% of the adult population that is currently obese is actually morbidly obese, 100 pounds overweight or more. These people pose a serious health risk to themselves … and a potentially devastating financial risk to society in general.

The fact is that obesity has an annual price tag … about $100 billion dollars for medical care and treatment. That’s not petty cash. Perhaps more importantly, obese people live difficult lives, filled with illnesses that are sometimes minor, often major … always very troubling.

Obesity SurgeryLifestyle is a factor and poor habits contribute to obesity, as well. Genetics can take some of the blame. Importantly, many obese people desperately want their inner, thinner selves to emerge, but lack the self-esteem and self-discipline to win “the battle of the bulge.”

Fortunately, there is another way … obesity surgery. When successfully performed, obesity surgery essentially “forces” an obese person to change the way he or she lives. That’s because many of the surgical procedures involve either cutting away part of the stomach or banding it. The result: the person’s post-surgical stomach is much, much smaller and he or she can no longer eat as much food as had been normal before the surgery.

That’s the way it works. And for thousands of Americans, desperate to lose weight and regain control of their lives, obesity surgery is not just a good idea it’s essential to a long and much happier and dramatically more active future.

Think about it. Your stomach suddenly shrinks … you eat less, much less … and before long, your body shrinks, too. That is why obesity surgery is in such high demand throughout America today. Interestingly, there are a number of different kinds of surgical techniques available to those who want help.

The most common obesity surgeries are: Gastric Bypass … Gastric Banding … Bariatric Surgery … Incision-Free Surgery … and a few more less popular procedures. All of these surgeries can help an obese person become “normal.”

If you’re interested in obesity Surgery to turn your life around the first thing you need to do is consult with your personal physician for help and advice in deciding which procedure is best for you. Remember: each procedure is good, one may be better for you. Once you’ve made up your mind, go for it.

You’ll be in and out of the operating room in a few hours … out of the hospital in just a couple of days. And the results you get from the operation will last for the rest of your life. You can, in fact, expect to live longer, healthier and happier … and much more actively, as well.